Sunday, April 20, 2014

Capt.Whidbey's garden

Funny top box covers the drain field/sewage access we think?
I shared the garden at the Capt.Whidbey Inn with our newest sketcher Kathy.  We decided we like the out of the way locations where we can hear the birds!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

An Afternoon at the Captain Whidbey Inn

What an unexpected treat to get to sketch outside on the deck at the Captain Whidbey Inn.  Gorgeous day and a deck filled with sketchers, wine, and a glorious view of Penn Cove.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pt. Townsend Treasures

Sirens' looks like a local favorite. Now my favorite lunch & sketch spot.

After leaving in hopes of finding an outdoor location in the lea of the off shore on the way to the 'what I first thought was the 3:00 boat'  I found my spot in the nice glass-in-closed bus stop right before  the terminal looking at the bank and the buildings on the cliff. As it turned out I checked my schedule,
next boat was 3:45, so I sketched a moleskine panorama. I had to paint it on  the boat by memory & ipad.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Trip Prep: Italy 2014

Now that we're under 3 weeks from leaving for a trip to Italy, it was time to begin the Italy travel sketchbook.  Prep has begun - 1st step:  pick the palette & make sure all the pens works!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Port Townsend

Sketching in Port Townsend…  Back to my Sparse Art….pen to paper never knowing what the end result will be. I sketched a real person in the Better Living coffee shop...always a stretch but I did it.  Great day with the Whidbey Island sketchers.   Sherryl….who gets to call it art? :-)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

RED WALLS, love em!

Bicycle Antenna?  Pt Townsend icon!

Give me color any day and I will play, play, play!  I must have been inspired by the red walls and green accents yesterday.  The light on Jim Short?, really?  you recognized him? was fantastic and I hurried to catch it before he left.

I also love the funky art and lamps at Sirens restaurant.  Oh, didn't I mention the view.  Pretty bright outside, but look at those clouds heading for us.  I love it when the weather man is WRONG! Beautiful day, hooray!

Red, sunlight and green, Pow!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Port Townsend!

Port Townsend is just a walk-on ferry ride away, and offers hours of exploration
and intrigue to sketch! 

But first I had to catch the camillias blooming just outside our bedroom window.
They are a little late this year, tho ever cheerful! I have been playing with my
quill dip pen and black/brown mixture of ink.

First stop off the boat is  generally lunch at Sirens,  with its upstairs vista over the water, warm
cozy nooks and delicious food! I liked the line weight possibilities with the quill pen, but am not totally
comfortable carrying around jugs of ink....

A high point for me in Port Townsend is Joglo Indonesian Imports, just across the street.
 Two floors filled with imported decor all crafted with renewable or reclaimed materials. Exquisite hand woven baskets of all sizes, fabrics, sculpture. It is filled with beautiful and fascinating objects and furniture. We are always made to feel most welcome in this enchanted space. Not to be missed on a    Port Townsend visit!
This ink mixture has a little flow, interesting how it blended with the watercolor.

Balinese Offering bird sketched on a previous visit.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Judith's home

I seem to be attracted to Shadow Puppets and shadows.  Todays' examples, a multiple shadow of the birdcage from multiple light sources and catching the light above the armoire in the foyer.  Thanks Judith for a lovely visit and all the beautiful setups to sketch in your home.
Shadow puppet

Birdcage and Parrot

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Judythe's Lovely Home

Kitchen Still Life

Such a pleasure to be a guest in Judythe's home. She fed us body and soul. Thoughtful arrangements and still lifes beaconed from every corner. Homemaking is clearly one of Judythe's many artforms. First we feasted on the ambiance, art, and set ups. And then she brought out the food! I wonder if it seemed to her we would never leave? Why would we? Of course there was wine. I really enjoyed sketching this kitchen still life. I had a comfortable stool for sitting and a surface to work on. What could be better?

Spring at Judyth's Home

Thank you, Judyth!  You are the hostess with the most and best still lives set up for us Sketchers!  Everywhere we turned there was a fabulous still life, and amazing food in your beautiful home.  It was so delightful visiting you yesterday.   I call this sketch, "Judyth's Basket of Eggs."

Judyth's Chickens

Judyth's Phaeleanopsis

Monday, March 24, 2014

Kooky birds

 These birds are made out from recycled rubber tires, old fishing supplies and found items.  All of this to create a kooky bird with a sense of humor.  They can be found at the Whidbey Art Gallery on the torn up Second Street.  Entrance for now on the Alley!  The artist is John Long.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mexico Light!

 Mexico in March! Two weeks with nothing to do but swim and sketch! Light, color, birds,
bougainvilea and hibiscus and a fresh gentle breeze. 
It was a complete step into peace and relaxation.  

                                        Every morning the sun would explode over the bay and
                                                        the multicolored bougainvillea!

I could sketch this view to the south from Casa Amanecer
a hundred times and it would not be the same twice.

                                                          Bougainvillea, of course!

If the sketch doesn't work? Play!

                                             Two for One Margarita Tuesdays at El Oasis!

Moments From Mexico

Sue and Faye sketching on the beach at El Oasis.

Which dress? Which hat?

While in Mexico this time 4 of us sketched, talked, sketched, swam, sketched, read, sketched, shopped, sketched etc. It was a heavenly sketchathon. I filled a new Stillman and Birn, extra heavy, off white paper sketchbook and loved the paper! I also sketched in a Strathmore watercolor 6"x 12" book and loved the paper and the format. I also took an assortment of pens and my new Schminke paint box enhanced with my favorite Holbein colors. All new, fun supplies to play with and experiment with while sitting on the beach drinking margaritas or on the terrace at Casa Amanecer. Or wherever. The weather was perfect! Never too hot, while just cool enough at night to require a light blanket. Balmy warm evenings. Sea breezes. And never ending shapes and colors to delight the eye and make us run for our sketch books. Okay, so there were a few no-see-ums. But only in the evening. 

Spring Sketching in the Sun on Second St.

The sketching location was Whidbey Art Gallery. There was lots of neat stuff to sketch in there, but the sun was out and I found a cozy, warm spot at a table in front of Mona's with a view of one of those really cool machines that are working on 2nd Street. The warmth of the sun, the interesting view, a table to work at and a chair to sit on.....what's a sketcher to do? I seized the moment. This little Kubota reminds me of a tug boat.....small and tough. If it was a person it would be a short tough guy from Chicago named Bill. I find the construction on 2nd to be really interesting and fun. I love watching the process of change and find it interesting to be tip toeing across gravelly streets in the middle of all of it. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

@ the Whidbey Art Gallery

 Like being in a fun house hall of mirrors - doing drawings of my own paintings. Weird.